Sorry for posting two or three threads about that OKC thing. =/
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    I'm done. I won't even bother. I'm not gonna text her tomorrow and, if she texts me, I'm just gonna reply, "Whatever" and leave it at that. This whole thing is stupid to me. I shouldn't go there or spend a dime on her.

    I'll save the $ I would have spent and buy myself a nice buffalo chicken sandwich right now (Ahhhhh ) and basically f--- this. I'd rather just be by myself and self-indulgent than get s--ked into these little BS Degrassi episode games.

    Let's go, baby! I don't need her!

  • Special Snowflake

    Good. I'm sure you can easily find some other bitch who is less bitchy.

    Memento Mori

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    I'm not gonna bother looking. I don't care enough to do this anymore haha.

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    Now that it's over, post her pic, lets see this girl!

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    Check my convo thread for a glimpse. Won't post her pic though. I wouldn't say it's over, but she better have a good explanation for being rude. I'll wait until tomorrow to see. My guess is that she made other plans over OKC.

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    Well duh. She's a gold digger dude.

    They go with the highest bidder.

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