Methadone junkies that take it for years and claim they are drug free
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    Whatever helps you sleep at night?

    "Uh but it's a better alternative and it's safer!"

    So government sanctioned dope funded by taxpayer money is a better alternative because, what?

    You'll feel shitty for a few days if you just stopped?

    Well guess what now you're on methadone and methadone withdrawal lasts twice as long because of its ridiculously long half life! Good job!

    "Bu... but I'm in treatment!"

    Are you? Is that why you've been going to the "clinic" every morning for the past 5 years?

    Is therr anything worse than a delusional, self centered hypocrite.

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    Its better for people to take the methodone then to resort to crime. I agree however with your criticism.
    And its not just a few days of feeling shitty. Withdrawal and post acute withdrawal can last up to 12 months.


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    This is why people should have just kept doing coke.

    It was me.....It was always me.

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