maybe renters aren't a bad idea after all...
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    i have a house i was getting ready to list for sale, since we moved out a couple weeks ago. i was contacted yesterday by an individual who needs a place for him, his wife, and their infant daughter to stay while he works on the pipeline going through the area for the next 6-8 weeks. his company is covering his rent, and he wants a house to keep the fam happy while he earns about $5k/week doing his electrician work.

    so i'm all but certain the dude is gonna rent my house. a couple stipulations: it needs to be (at least partially) furnished. i have to get a bed in there, a couch and tv, and a kitchen table. i already have spares of everything except the bed, so i'll have to go buy a new one. all the appliances are still there, so no worries on that front. i have to keep the utilities in my name and also have tv and internet active. i have to keep the place mowed. and i have to be available for any issues inside the house, like a landlord would be. dude is gonna pay me $350 per week, plus the cost of utilities and other services.

    per week. on a 700 square foot house in bfe illinois. the damn mortgage payment is less than $400 per month. and i can even list the house and show it while they're staying there, as long as i agree to not close on any sale before they move out.

    naturally, i agreed to w***e my old house out for a few thousand easy bucks. hell, if i can keep getting deals like that, maybe i'll just keep the place for a couple more years. fall hunting season starts in october, i bet i can find some hunters that would do a weekly rental agreement for a couple hundred per...

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