My final opinion on which is better (or worse if you wanna go that route) - Naruto or Bleach.
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    Leaving out One Piece since I believe it's vastly better than both in almost every way.

    And if you don't care what I have to say... well, uh.... there's the door.

    But yeah, Naruto. Bleach. Two shows that have a big fan-base and having lasted over a decade. Of course, both shows have many haters. I, myself, don't really consider them good shows (even for their genre). But... they have their moments.

    Might just be the nostalgia speaking, but I vastly prefer both of these shows during their early beginnings. It was towards their later arcs where both these series started to trip up more.

    In Naruto's case, the first series was great (but slowly lost it's edge once Sasuke started getting focused on). The soundtrack was awesome. I liked that Naruto wasn't a main character who all the other characters has to rely on to beat a boss. When it hit you with the feels, it really DID hit you with the feels and it did it GOOD. But then... Shippuden happened. Gone was the awesome soundtrack and what we got was a lamer soundtrack (overall, there are SOME good tracks tho).... the whole "rescue Sasuke" subplot got wayyyyyy to obnoxious. What should had been an arc at most, took the entirety of the Shippuden saga. Doesn't help that Sasuke is just a shitty shitty SHITTY character. There's nothing likable about him. Nothing. Yet the story keeps focusing on him and the troubles of his godforsaken Uchiha clan and all the "hatred" they develop and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH - I just don't care for any of it, but the story keeps shoving it in our faces. Not to mention the final arc was overly long and had so many nonsensical 'plot-twists' that I just threw my hands in the air and yelled out "I give up!". It was truly a convoluted ending and it's a shame the series ended up being focused on these themes almost all throughout the Shippuden saga. The 'fun' of the first series was essentially gone.

    As for Bleach, I absolutely adored the first episodes all the way through the Soul Society arc. The characters were fun. The supporting cast were fun and the concept was cool. As many characters were introduced in the Soul Society arc, I didn't dislike any really. And the final twist in that arc is still one of the best plot twists around for a shonen series, at least. So, yeah... while I liked the Soul Society characters, there was a problem with them being introduced... and that's.... they pushed the other main characters out of the spot-light. And well... that's what Bleach does. It has a HUUUUUUUUUUGE cast of characters... too huge, in fact - because the new ones almost always eclipse all the other recurring characters. And much like how Dragonball eventually became the "Super Saiyan Only Show", Bleach became the "Soul Reaper Only" show. Even the Hollows, which were these hideous monsters with cool designs, eventually just became Soul Reaper-like characters with the Arrancars. And speaking of Arrancars, the Arrancar arc was overly long, contained pretty much nothing other than one-on-one fights and had a pretty lackluster ending with the briilliant Aizen becoming another exaggerated Shonen villian. His powers became ridiculous, mind you, and essentially fights with him turned into "YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING THAT, BUT YOU'RE NOT. SURPRISE!" Over and over again. It got lame. The Fullbring arc was pointless and the arc after that introduced Ywatch who.... holy shit turned worse than Aizen. I dunno, HAX villians just don't do it for me. Make them interesting instead. Also, it has hilairously rushed ending due to being cancelled, and for a series that long..... that's a no-no.

    So yeah... which one do I consider better. Well let's see... I will say this - Naruto's series has more thought put into it than Bleach's. You can see this simply with the chapters themselves - Bleach is usually devoid of any actual content while Naruto usually has a good deal. But...Naruto's blunders are a good deal more annoying, even if it seems like Kishimoto tries harder with it than Kubo does with Bleach, who seems to not care as much anymore. But the final arc, Sasuke/The Uchiha legacy and the many "WHO'S THE REAL VILLIAN" plot-twists towards the end really turn me sour on Naruto, so even if Bleach has ultimately turned into a joke of troll series, I still prefer it to Naruto which just turned so bad by the end.

    So, yeah, that's my opinion on these two shows/manga. What do you guys think?

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    You called down the thunder. Well, now you've got it!

  • Toonami

    Both series have an obvious nostalgia factor for me, but if I had to choose, probably Bleach because it was actually my favorite series at one point in time.

    The only thing worse than maggots who want HxH removed based on personal preference are maggots who betray a show they love just because its ratings aren't to their liking. Also Ayumu.


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