"Maybe next weekend then, but I'll probably just delete your #."
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    ASMB White Knight Guild: Don't text her that, Zeni! That's mean and no way to talk to a lady.

    Zeni: Too late. Sent it earlier today. Mean? You want to talk about mean? She agreed to a date and then blew me off like I was some kinda a--hole!

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    Let it go man, let it go.

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    If only I could easily post a Rambo "Nothing is over!" GIF from my phone...

  • Check It Out!

    So you got rejected and now you're pretending you let HER down. this is gold.

  • Helper

    Hm, what's this? Zeni still talking about that girl?


  • SwimParagon

    It took me entirely too long to figure out that that one guy wasn't actually using the stairs. O_O

    "I feel like I should be banning way more of you." -- SwimMod_Luuv

  • SwimStar

    Don't worry, you'll get used to all the rejection eventually.

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