Went to see Sausage Party
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  • Special Snowflake Banned

    Because apparently seeing Light Out wasn't the "right" choice, according to some members here.

    Luckily I got an all day Sunday matinee special and only had to shell out $7 for this one.

    Even more in my favor, I showed up an hour early and there was an all you can eat Chinese buffet in the same plaza.

    So I got to experience what an all you can eat buffet is like when you're all by yourself.

    Extremely quick, a waiter with the manner of a bedside nurse and abject, crushing loneliness.

    Nah I'm just kidding it was awesome, $10 for the buffet and a $4 tip.

    Better than you do.

    On a consistent basis.

    But yeah anyway.

    Lights Out 7/10

    Sausage Party 6/10

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