Most Americans feel like the presidential candidacy race is the equivalent of flowers
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  • Special Snowflake Banned

    presented in their commode bathrooms.

    When I see a dead battery, I don't buy a new one.

    I find the rustiest, oldest, most decrepit one I can and hook up the junker cables!

    Oh man! All I have to do is increase popular opinion.

  • Special Snowflake Banned

    Thread titles have to be shorter than 100 words now.

    Because a tweet might send a voice actor spiralling out of control.

    Toonami and anime surely doesn't have the funds to deal with culpability so just pretend it never existed in the first place.

  • SwimPeanut

    This election has taught me that any buffoon, regardless of how egregious your past actions are or how shockingly crass and stupid you are, can become the nominee of one of the big two parties.


  • Banned


    It was me.....It was always me.

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