somebody get Kasane Teto on the line
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    I need to lick that girl's french bread

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    Oh God, I just looked up the Urban Dictionary term for French Baguette...

    A feminine pad that is fully permeated with period blood to the point of hardening, which gives it a natural oblong shape and consistency, as well as touch texture similar to that of an oven-fresh french baguette.

    Used in a sentence:

    Tod - "I attempted to have sex with my girl last night, but when I tried to feel her up, I was greeted with that once-a-month feminine surprise in a form of french baguette"
    Sean - "French baguette? What's that?"
    Tod - "A fully soaked and hardened menstrual pad, Sean"

    "Wait, I don't remember 'Allahu Akbar' being in the lyrics..." - Eagles Of Death Metal

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    I am totally impressed bro... I didn't think you guys would get the reference.

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