You discover a secret thread on the boards
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    It leads to a secret folder that holds all the answers to all of this site's mysteries.
    Do you tell anyone?

  • SwimParagon

    I'd run screaming, I'm sure of it.

    "I feel like I should be banning way more of you." -- SwimMod_Luuv

  • SwimPirate

    Depends on the secret

    Truth, emoticons is people

    "You know what they say: "If they're not inflatable they're not datable" :cool: :ballon: - TrigunBebop
    "You haven't Idealized Mankind, you've deformed it, you've mutilated it, and that's the real joke" - Nightowl

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    I'd be scared that the FBI would come after me.

  • SwimElder

    Submit that stuff to wiki leaks.

  • Helper

    The Mods' pron folder isn't exactly a secret. It's just 'hidden' .

    It's titled 'Faplantis' for the record.

    ...they said i'd live forever, but they lied...it's been much longer...
    Cheerful Supplier of Chaos throughout the Known Universe and Beyond...we now have WTF...
    [this pathetic cry for attention has been brought to you by the letters F, U and the number 2]

  • SwimSage Banned

    Sure, if they pay.

  • Swimuminati

    I would rule this place with an iron fist!

    like so

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