A 3 hour documentary no one has seen
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    I bring this here not because it was a false event, or at least, the official story doesn't meet up to scrutiny...but because it is THE arbiter of a falsified narrative by our government when it comes to the gun debate. With many anomalies, lies from all fronts (media, the police report that took a year to complete, dash cam video from the police car at the scene, staged photographs, and terrible actors on film rehearsing their lines), how can we trust what they tell us anymore?

    This isn't one individual who dug this all up. It was several different americans who never meet one another until about a year or two after this event took place. All with the same questions:

    Why are they doing this? Why are they getting THIS sloppy with something so toxic towards the public? Do they just not care anymore, or is it really that easy to fool the public that this really took place?

    Enjoy: http://mediasolidarity.com/

    "You know what sticks people to something? The desire to know how it's all going to end." ~ Loki

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