Had the craziest series of dreams right now
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    Three different ones. The first involved being lackadaisical at work, playing my DS there, throwing a tennis ball around, and then telling my new manager, "I'm coming! Calm down! I'm not the f***ing Flash!" because she kept yelling at me to hurry up. After I told her that, she punched me and then the supervisor tried to separate us, but I bodychecked the supervisor, who then ripped off my tie. I went to tell others that I had been attacked, so that the managers could get fired, but then they were all jumping onto this moving stack of wood to the other side of the work area with a hundred drop below and I said, "I am NOT jumping that!" and this one coworker grabbed me and tried to make me jump, but while I was struggling with him the floor collapsed and those of us who didn't make the leap road it one hundred feet to the ground, but we all survived without injury because it was my dream. Then at the and of the work day, the two managers who I got into it with were in an office being threatened with termination and told to see someone else about what would happen next. The work day ended and I rode off into the early morning along this very long bridge that was on level with the ocean around it and lead into this cool looking futuristic city. That was the end of the first of my three concurrent dream sequences.

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    Snuffles was my slave name
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    without reading I know it was a sex dream about viperslayer.............and that it wasn't a dream >.>

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    Aren't you supposed to be the English expert? I'm not reading a wall of text.

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    Posted from my phone. It's sloppy.

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    I totally read all of this and the dream means you have AIDS

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