My Minecraft world was deleted...
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  • IB

    I didn't delete it. It's just gone. :|

    "Anything longer than an emoticon is just hot air."

  • Swimuminati

    uh ohhhhhh

    am I smilin enough? am I smilin too much? am I tucked in and buckled, do my tits touch? hi, how are you, how high are you?
    less teeth and more tits its never enough. you'll never be good enough.

  • SwimLegend

    Someone burnt it to the ground

    Oh bother...

  • SwimParagon

    Ohhh man. Did someone else delete it? I'd hurt 'em. If it just up and vanished, well... computers don't feel pain, unfortunately.

    And how much work didja put in?

    "I feel like I should be banning way more of you." -- SwimMod_Luuv

  • 0

    its okay you just have to start over and make an even better one

    if ur reading this ur hot

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