Konami's First Non-Pachinko Move to Destroy Metal Gear
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    "The game is set after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, where members of Militaires Sans Frontières that weren’t killed in the game’s finale gets transported through wormholes into an alternate universe, where they’ll go up against crystalline zombies, and at least one Metal Gear.

    'Metal Gear Survive will offer a fresh take on the series’ famed stealth elements,' said Konami European president, Tomotada Tashiro in a press release, 'but within a unique co-op setting that is designed for a truly engrossing multiplayer experience.'

    Metal Gear Survive is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

    No, no more. Don't. Please don't.
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    Muscle, muscle! Hustle, hustle!

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    So they made a crappy Left 4 Dead knockoff and slapped the Metal Gear name onto it to squeeze whatever life is left in the brand. The hilarious thing is this is the same thing as a Pac***ko machine in that it's a low-rent microtransaction coin pit that simply seeks to cash in on the recognizable stature of the franchise. But at least the Pac***kos didn't string along the dead dog pretense that Konami is still interested in console game development.

    Edit: I love the retarded filter here.

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  • SwimHero

    what a shame.
    a dam shame.

    Janeway Rules!

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    i mean they gotta use the engine they blame kojima for wasting money making on something

    which btw is an amazing engine that is better optimized than half the stuff being used right now

    im looking at you bethesda

    if ur reading this ur hot

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