Nine Lives has a better Cinema Score grade than Sausage Party.
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  • SwimVIP

    Nine Lives=B+

    Sausage Party=B

  • SwimStar

    Critics are always reliable.

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  • 0

    7 percent on RT for Nine Lives.

    82 percent for Sausage.

    Don't use Cinema score =P

  • Senpai

    Only Rotten Tomatoes determine true internet scores everything else is Garbage

  • SwimSuperHero

    Actually Rotten Tomatoes isn't the best site either.
    Did you see the rating it gave 2016 Ghostbusters? It rated it way too high.

    IMDb is the best rating site.

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  • Senpai

    Yeah i know i was being a little sarcastic

    i do go and see their reviews often tho

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