What Toonami characters could win Olympic gold?
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  • SwimPunk

    archery-Uryu Ishida
    all track events-Cell
    marathon-the examiner for the 1st stage of the Hunter exam
    long jump and high jump-Inuyasha
    shot put-Eren in Titan form using that boulder

  • Swimuminati

    Clean sweep of all events - Saitama

  • 0

    Special Olympics?

    If you gotta go go with a smile

  • Other Anime

    Zurqoxn said:

    long jump and high jump-Inuyasha

    Jack says hello.

  • Mobile Suit Gundam

    Saitama - EVERYTHING!!

    ...Except Men's Volleyball and Basketball; he'd always make long shots and break the freaking backboard!

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  • SwimPunk

    Too bad for the cast of Naruto that jumping through trees isn't an event.

    Luffy's stretching might help in volleyball.

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