Anyone playing the Titanfall 2 technical test beta? How is it?
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    I was looking to see if it was available on PC yet (it's not) and saw a bunch of article titles about how it's "taken steps backwards" and that while there are no tech-side issues, the beta just doesn't feel very good overall.

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    If you have played black ops 3 then you have played titanfall 2 except with a titan thrown in here and there.

    The game does not feel like Titanfall. Wall running is bad now and I find myself flying into walls with the new grappling hook.

    It is very PVP heavy now, only one game type has the bots included and there are fewer of them. Feels less epic, war like and chaotic than the original.

    And the titans...first game I played I saw I think 4 the whole match. I got mine at the very end. They are weaker now and die easily and getting them takes a lot longer. Each Titan has their own weapon so you are kind of locked into that. Not as much choice going on. They also took away burn cards and replaced them with essentially kill streaks.

    It just doesn't feel like it should which is a shame.

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    Don't make me call Big T to get you.

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    So basically just more of the same from the gaming industry? Companies that knock the first title in a series out of the park, and then produce nothing but pure feces afterward?

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    Downloading now....for f**ks sake, everyone on my list is playing...soo whatever.


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    Instead of the titans being timed like in the first one, they're either tied to your kills or k/d...not sure which. It went from being balanced to one side gaining momentum and that's the match.

    Give me yuor rum.

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