Attack on Titan Season 2 release date finally announced
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  • Other Anime

    No joke or speculation this time around. Looks like it'll finally be on its way next Spring.

    Muscle, muscle! Hustle, hustle!

  • Mobile Suit Gundam

    Ten bucks says FUNimation and Toonami are already working on a broadcast dub!

    Don't Miss the series premiere of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure at 12:30 AM this Saturday night (10/15), followed by a new episode of Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans at 1 AM! Gundam IBO marathon at Midnight on 10/29! Only @Toonami!

  • Helper

    Gotta post dis in the show blog when I can..

    Oddly, this article says February, who do we believe at the moment..going with the later date is probably more likely..-

    What the hell is that behind you

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