Is anyone else tired of seeing all the ads for Don't Breathe?
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  • Special Snowflake Banned

    Shit looks like garbage.


    Only thing that can explain this level of hype is an inflated marketing budget.

    Looks like a 6/10 suspense thriller at best.

  • IB

    I hate the ads here for sure.. I need to get a certain

    add on for chrome for this computer.. This website is

    infested with lame ads. the games page is almost covered.


  • SwimSuperFan

    how is this even a horror movie? the premise is a bunch of Thieves break into a blind guys house to rob him because they think it'll be a easy score...and later they are running like hell from the blind man who doesn't take too kindly to people trying to steal his stuff out from under him cause he's blind

    shouldn't we want these punks to get killed because they were trying to rob a blind old man?

    "Here Comes A New Challenger!-D.VA(Hana Song)"

  • Special Snowflake Banned

    Based on several scenes from the trailers I'm going to assume that the blind guy has a storied past as well.

    I'm sure that's why the writers and trailer producer made sure to include the really obvious line of "Just because he's blind don't mean he's a saint, bro."

    And scattered throughout the trailer are several scenes which seem to suggest there's more to the story than an old blind guy living alone.

    Either way, it looks like shit.

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