One day of work this week
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    I'll come here more often. I didn't abandon you guys, I promise!

  • SwimStar

    im pretty sure im gonna have to work everyday this week, since everyone's going back to school

    "Right. Because it seems to me that you’re exhibiting symptoms of depression, low self worth and anxiety."
    "Those are all different things, right?"

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    Make a video review of your job.

    "What do you mean lower myself? That's the only thing I've ever been. Just a simple human that couldn't save a little girl" -Edward Elric

  • Pokemon Master

    where u been bruv?

    Snuffles was my slave name
    Nerd ♥

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    I thought you got arrested finally.

  • IB

    one arrest... does not qualify as being "arrrested"

    arrest me cops I dare ya Ha hah hah ha.

    ehh..wonder what kind of losers I'll meet tomorrow

    as a C.O... damn I need to find something else

    internet? Love me please... I am an ever expanding

    bundle of joy that goes by many names..well like three.


  • SwimFan

    Who are you?

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