New study: bucket tries to be offensive but fails
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  • Nyaa or Nothing

    A new study done by the peers of Sociology out of Berkley, found that this bucket person tends to lash out horrendously when attempting to provoke the masses of a certain dying message board. While his attention span is short and his constant fixture on buddyroe gets in the way of critical thinking, he does tend to get the masses riled up with his patented trolling, only for it to fizzle by mid-day.

    While stating his allegiance to Herr Drumpf, his only major flaw is liking the tangerine with small hands and for him to almost be portly shaped like the aforementioned is almost comical ironically. And both of them tend to spew out whatever is on their mind but one is taken half serious and the other is taken as a joke.

    Despite numerous attempts of banning said bucket person, this person always come back crawling with nonsensical screen names. Even taking on the form of a non-existing girl combined with another user's name lately. While most of his SN's are banned within a week or so due to him self-imploding, he will eventually brain fart and casually used racial epithets to cause a fervor amongst the other users until such moderators will descent into the fray and lay down the law. Thus causing him to retreat for a couple of weeks and slink back in hoping to blend in until his next slip up.

    In summary, this person should be avoided if necessary but is not a threat amongst other users. He will intimidated others with his grand posturing but people knows he's an irritating little gnat that will eventually go away and come back with the same routine again.

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