why i think the Olympics are a sham
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  • Nyaa or Nothing

    insisting on the hosting nation to build new stadiums and such, only for it to be abandoned and never to be used again. whereas that billions of money scrounged up for 3-4 years could be used for providing growth to their economy and not to mentioned how much corrupt the IOC still is.

  • ShoeHands

    Whoever tagged that is gonna be f**king pumped, dude.

  • SwimElder

    Its all staged! I knew it!

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  • SwimStar

    Why don't they just put the Olympics back in Greece for good? From what I hear, their economy desperately needs the revenue. And they already have the stadium situation covered.

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  • IB

    I just wanna know if its as humid at the Olympic pools as it is in your standard pool area at gyms .... only because they're always in track suits

  • Special Snowflake

    I was thinking they should just hold all summer games in Greece and all winter games in Switzerland. The games were originally in Greece, and the current Olympics headquarters is in Switzerland. Makes sense, no? I imagine they would save much money.

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