Rewrite the Synopsis
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  • SwimDandy

    The Green Mile: Huge, magical black man shoots bees out of his mouth, grabs Tom Hanks' crotch

    The Goonies: A deformed and mentally challenged man takes revenge against his abusive family with the aid of a gang of child thieves

    Alien: A lonely and misunderstood creature attempts to make friends with a group of humans, but is consistently met with hostility

  • Helper

    Titanic: A boat goes down, and so does Leo.

  • SwimDandy

    Titanic: A young woman abandons her fiancé to have sex with a stranger. Later in life, she defrauds an underwater salvage crew

    Die Hard: An estranged husband and wife overcome hardship to renew their love for one another

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off: A narcissistic sociopath uses and lies to his friends and family

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