Donating blood
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  • SwimDandy Banned

    Lol no, not me. Mines toxic.

    But like... instead of tampons and pads why not let it leak in a bucket, or a platic bag or something? Save a life.


  • Swimuminati

    Le ew

    am I smilin enough? am I smilin too much? am I tucked in and buckled, do my tits touch? hi, how are you, how high are you?
    less teeth and more tits its never enough. you'll never be good enough.

  • SwimPirate

    Different type of blood, and periods or more inner linning of the vag tissue than pure blood. Plus contamination.

    I smoke everyday, zonk not cigarettes ew, and donated last year just fine. If anything it might help patients get some much needed rest. XD

    bad blood tests too be from unprotected sex, traveling in countries with easily transferable diseases, and tattoos. XD

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  • SwimDandy Banned

    You are so helpful


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