Everyone Loves A Good Pee Story
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    So there I was, sitting on my potty with a non-compliant bladder, trying to constrict my urethral sphincter by just staring at the ground for like 10 minutes when I felt something touch my ear. I audibly gasped and I think cried a single tear as if in mockery but I guess it was just a fly cause I saw the bastard land on the tile floor a few feet away. Quickly, I grabbed a nearby toilet plunger and trapped that piece of shit fly asshole within its concave plunge bit where it currently waits since I immediately ran to post about all the excitement on the internet, pausing briefly mid-excite to return but finally succeed with one of those almost orange dehydrated pisses that leave you feeling like you lost weight afterwards, so good thing I've plunged a fly, right?

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  • IB

    Where's the good pee story?

  • ShoeHands

    My life is ten seconds shorter because of that story.

  • Toonami

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    i was hoping to get in on some of those sweet urine adventures with my tale of incontinence...no?

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    i'm hoping to shave off a few years myself...

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  • Babbling

    I trapped 7 flies under a plunger once.

  • Banned

    I can pluck a fly out of the air like Mr. Miagi....No shit....I've got 8 confirmed kills.

    It was me.....It was always me.

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