Alright well I need a good beat.
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  • IB

    Not for your average millenial but, this beat

    might do the trick for me. I stumbled upon it the other

    day lookin' for some beats me, and this guy could use

    since he's close to rock bottom.. Seems alot of people

    I meet that want to get in the studio are.

    combating my own depression atm I think


  • Check It Out!

    Thats not bad...

  • IB

    nah, not at all.. A bit simple with the loops..

    but those loops are heavenly.. I promise imma

    through something on that soon.. This whole day..

    well yesterday now was like a recovery day, cuz

    I let that guy peer pressure me into some drugs

    I frown upon normaly.

    More to the story, but to sum it up I found out his

    dealer is one of my hometown inspirations for

    skateboarding.. I was at the park frozen in place

    while homie was recording him trying to man up

    to a kickflip front boardslide off a handrail..


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