Outtta shape blues..
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  • IB

    Homie calls me and says "Let's go to the gym and

    get a lil workout to kickstart the day." Sigh.. I

    didn't even do much and that shit broke me off.

    Though it prolly doesn't help I stayed up to like

    5.am. last night sippin on beer, and smoking.


  • Banned

    I still lift regularly but I haven't ran in like 2 years.....I suck wind shitting sometimes.

    It was me.....It was always me.

  • IB

    yeah we did mostly cardio.. but at a gym it's easy to get some

    good crossfit so I cranked the treadmill up first thing,, then

    hit a few arm machines, ran a few laps.. did some planks

    with my buddy.. I think i'm good for today.


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