The song is 'Go topless go'
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    The singer is Gabriela Dolanska.
    The Cult is the Raelians.
    The plus side is not all crazy people are trying to kill you, some merely want to flash you.

    Truly a great time to be alive. I'd post the video, but the nudity won't clear the TOS.

  • SwimVIP Banned

    I don't think I've seen so many bare-breasted unattractive women before.

    I may have permanently lost the ability to achieve an erection.

    "Wait, I don't remember 'Allahu Akbar' being in the lyrics..." - Eagles Of Death Metal

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    The music video is quite something, but the background on the cult is really the prize here.

  • Check It Out!

    They cant be any worse than p***y riot

    ...or can they?

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