You know what sucks?....Sleep
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  • SwimSuperFan

    I Hate the fact that eventually i have to go to bed and pass out for several hours....so much could be done and accomplished if i didn't have to lay down and drift off to dream land

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  • Babbling

    I read recently that sleep allows the body to flush out certain proteins from the brain fluid. It has been noted that people with Alzhiemer's seem to have a large amount of these proteins in their brain fluid.

    Also, a doctor treating former Bears QB Jim McMahon found that he had a misaligned vertebra in his neck, which was pinching the tube from which these fluids exit the brain. McMahon had been suffering what seemed to be early onset dementia, which was drastically reduced once the pinch was eliminated.

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  • ShoeHands

    You and I are on two different wavelengths.

  • Senpai

    sleep is for the weak

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