Hold on.
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    K; Guess it's time I picked up those riens
    told a homie to show out; and the shit he displayed
    was just insane straight from the top I swear he
    demolished the thang; took 'im some time but
    he polished the thang; ooh! and look how it bang;
    ooh! and look how it bang; that shit was just crazy
    I would be frontin to not do the same.

    gonna need this later,, I need to lay down for work im not writing it down,, but it's the beginning part for a verse im
    working on with someone..


  • Babbling

    Have you tried reading books to expand your vocabulary?

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    I hate the way you type.

    You called down the thunder. Well, now you've got it!

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    this ones more about sound then words, but I did hit some crazy bars later on..


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    Philosipher_Stoned said:

    K; Time for me ta pick up I be grippin dem reins
    that beaat is so dope yo my homie go hard
    and with me in control I want everyone ready
    you're goin' to be gettin' some mo' of the same


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    i just fuking wandered into nyc subways didnt i

  • Banned

    i dont have any money for you sir

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