I just have to see how this looks on here.
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    K; Time ta get crunk
    Destiny giddy-up It's me that be grippin dem riens
    my homie go hard and with me in control
    I want everyone ready you're goin' to be gettin'
    some mo' of the same

    So what can I say? Well lately (I) been jaded;
    escapin' the hatred that's taken control of my brain
    I hate to complain because I've done ok for a n***a

    so hooked on some shit that don't pay. HEY!!
    What is my name? My name is the state.
    What did he say? (I) said my name is THE state
    and not just A state; It's TEXAS. Questions? Umm..

    Headtrips, weapons, Led Zepplin, and dead shit;
    These are a few of my favorite things
    OH! I forgot beats! Yeah! I flow like a beast;
    drop the mic it's deceased; freshen up rooms;
    like I'm shittin' fabreeze; At ease when ya see me;

    I've been over seas; I went as a soldier, but not for
    prestige; everything that I've done I did it to be
    I to the N to the D to the E; P the E to the N to the D
    and if you can't guess the rest then I bet you a B****;
    unless there's a way you' more messed up then me,

    but me on this beat yo that's Destiny G..
    Enough of this shit; switch up the bit quick like
    likedysplit; fix up the flow did ya get it? Legit!
    anyway this is a SWISH Any day now..
    what I make will be hits,
    and anyone that stands in the way will be killed.

    My skills will pay bills; the deals will rake mills,
    The chill they will feel it in every home, and in every
    buildin' the haters will kneel ta my skrill 'n' not cause
    I made 'em but just cause they feel it. Make way
    for the real shit; run for the hills; as I lay waste to your fields
    with; rhymes set a blaze; my eyes lit up crazy; the mic
    drippin' flames; spittin' out sickness (just) like I been saved;

    by righteousness wait? I am not Constantine, but I am
    constantly making this obvious mistake; I smoke like
    a frieght I'm not joking I make; the marlboro man look
    like he started today; my lungs are so black; my heart
    the same way, but atleast I can rap; that's one thing I
    can say. I'll take this ability; straight to tha grave...

    What else can I say; is there more points to make?
    I know! This shit is simplistic envisioned it hittin' but
    then when I spit it it didn't it did somethin' different.
    HEY! I am just ignorant!~
    my mind's been stripped o' wit!~


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