Think I might be sick
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    My stomach's really cold and it's churning too. I'm tempted to drive home and go to sleep. I don't believe in telling employers these things, so I'll be walking out without saying a word. If there's mutual trust here, I'll come in the next day, not a word will be said about tonight, and we'll be back to business.

  • Special Snowflake

    I hope you're ok

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    As do I

  • SwimStar

    i've had people ask me if im ok at work alot
    i mean i know i feel like death half the time im there, but i didnt think it was that noticeable
    you should tell your boss you feel like going home and falling asleep tbh

    "Right. Because it seems to me that you’re exhibiting symptoms of depression, low self worth and anxiety."
    "Those are all different things, right?"

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