I always find it humorous in romances
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    when the one partner is pleading with the other to take him or her back, or the partner is trying desperately to keep a failing relationship intact. I dunno, if that were me, I sure as hell wouldn't be begging her like that! I'd chug a beer and say, "All right, honey, so it's like that huh? F*** me? No no no. F*** YOU!"

    (Flips shades down, chugs beer, changes channel, and flips shades back up as soon as she leaves the room because I can't see the TV clearly with my shades on, but I also can't take them off while she's still there because then she'll feel that she's won because I didn't diss her with enough cool and swagger)

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    I'm glad you've come to recognize that watching Ross and Rachel is your best shot at a relationship.

    "What do you mean lower myself? That's the only thing I've ever been. Just a simple human that couldn't save a little girl" -Edward Elric

  • ShoeHands

    Only the best kinds of decisions are made with beer.

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