Anger Management was and still is the funniest movie ever
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    Adam Sandler is such a genius.

  • SwimStar

    i like adam sandler, but most of his movies are just f**king awful

    "Right. Because it seems to me that you’re exhibiting symptoms of depression, low self worth and anxiety."
    "Those are all different things, right?"

  • ShoeHands


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    Zeni you're the master of bait.

    "What do you mean lower myself? That's the only thing I've ever been. Just a simple human that couldn't save a little girl" -Edward Elric

  • Banned

    This again......I mean I guess you can only make so many threads before you're forced to recycle, but this is probably one of your shittier traps.

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    Help I've been master baited!

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